Day 2: First Expense


Last night my housemates and I enjoyed pancakes. Cost to me, zero. But to keep up my end of things I was to restock our house supply of chocolate. I went to the shops with a £2 budget for chocolate. I picked up a £1.89 bar of Dairy Milk and took it to the counter. The gods were again smiling on me, as the guy at the counter told me there was a special offer on the exact chocolate bar that I was buying. If I bought a newspaper or magazine, then I got the chocolate half price!

If I bought a broadsheet I would have wiped out my savings, and I couldn’t bring myself to buy The Sun, so I went for the 38p “tv choice”. So I saved 57p, and I’m up a tv choice!

The entire chocolate-buying episode came in 68p under budget, and I have a tv choice if anyone wants to buy it at a discount to its cover price. It’ll tell you what’s going to be on telly for a week beginning Saturday.

Balance = £150.74 (-0.9%), Daily Budget = £6.55

P.S. The Virgin Media negotiations are in stalemate. They say I owe them £57.12, I say I owe them £6. The ball’s in their court.


3 responses to “Day 2: First Expense

  1. Nice saving.

    The weekend approaches though, the first major test.

    What if all your mates have an excursion to a fitba match, the theatre or even the cinema? In order to maintain your regular social life, you’d be expected to go and yet it might wipe a week’s savings. Decisions.

    Plus we’ve got valentines coming up, and I’m going to need a gift.

  2. PS. Why is your desk so tidy and why do you have a radio from the 1940s on your desk?

  3. Hmm… That’s only about one third of my desk in shot there. The mug on the right hints on the chaos and disorder in the other two thirds.

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