Day 1: Off to a Good Start!

Just got back from work (walking, cost = £zero) and went through my spare change. I figured I might have £10 – £20. In actual fact I had £48.20! A major bonus. I can now live the comparative high-life. I’ve even got a handful of euro, dollars and even a swiss franc or two. Not enough to go to a bureau de change, but if anyone’s heading off on holiday, I’ll sell you some pocket change.

Balance = £152.06 (+46.4%), Daily Budget = £6.33

P.S. Some dark clouds on the horizon however. I have a letter from Virgin Media saying that I owe them £57.12, and that they “look forward to receiving payment of the ‘Amount Due’ by 12 February 2008”. I don’t look forward to that, not at all, and I dispute that I owe them anything at all.


4 responses to “Day 1: Off to a Good Start!

  1. Robin, that change must have been like manna from heaven. I shall be following your blog with interest. Good luck!

  2. 6.33? No bother – you could even afford a baguette a day for that…

  3. Can I call shotgun on the euros? hehe

    I second Greg’s post on your last entry, a vat of soup will do you well! I also recommend making large batches of bolognese which can double up as chilli and can be eaten cold as a random meaty pasta salad…

    Good luck with this and be thankful that its only February and not March (because obviously 2 days can make a world of difference! 😉 )

  4. Jenny, you can have the euros, I think I’ve got about 3 or 4 of them. I’ll give you market rate for them, better than you’ll get at the bank!

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