Day 1: £100 To Last Me Until Payday

The situation’s pretty simple, I’ve almost run out of money, and it’s still the beginning of the month!

My current account has £482.31 in it. Still to come out of my account this month is £349 in rent and bills, and £29.95 for the good people at Bateman’s opticians who maintain my sight.

This leaves me with £103.86 to last me until the 28th of February. Shit, the 29th! It’s a leap year…

I could use my credit card to get me through the month, or I could borrow money from friends or family, ask for an overdraft from the bank etc. I’ve decided not to do this though.

£103.86 over 24 days. That’s about £4.33 per day.

OK, the rules are:

1) No borrowing money.

2) No buying anything on “tick”.

3) I have to pay my way in all social situations (no cadging drinks in the pub etc., no eating my housemates’ food).

4) To try to maintain as much of a normal social life as possible.

My initial feeling is that this isn’t going to be too hard…

Day 1: Balance = £103.86, Daily Budget = £4.33


7 responses to “Day 1: £100 To Last Me Until Payday

  1. i like it.

    good luck. i could never do it! Lucky you don’t drink as much as you used to, or it would be gone in a weekend.

    What did you eat for lunch?

    I suggest making a vat of soup on sunday.

  2. I’ve got a few cans of soup in work and a loaf of bread, so my work-a-day lunch won’t start costing until next week sometime.

    I like the vat of soup idea. I think that’s going to be the sort of idea I’ll need. I’ve got 4 haggises in the freezer too. I can do this 🙂

    If I feel like a drink I could always make some prison hooch.

  3. What is prison hooch?

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  5. You will be fine… good luck.. vegetables is always good to eat and healthy and much water:) Morrisons; Asda ; Might be reasonable places to have some food from aswell:) or oh i forgot Lidl.. they have cheap wine there and great quality aswell on Morrisons.
    PS, if you will have some reciepes on food.. just ask me. Baking bread is cool; takes a little investigation inhours but its loads of fun and cheap to make.

  6. Stockcupboard !!what can i say buy stuff bogof when u can afford it and store .Lets face it most people can eat anything so buy in reduced section and another thing PORRIDGE! this nutritionil(sorry disleksa strikz agane)substance can susstain a whole nation if required(wee may,s daddy swears by it and he,s94!)any how when in fiancial straits theres,s always a fall back .Keep in good terms with your mummy! They have an in biult gene the baulks at “weans” starvin!.Most will give u a wee “Lenny” (for translation ask nearest scottish person)well ive got to go now because the wolves are at the door! Lots of love Robin’s Mummy

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